11 Tips to Get the Most From Your SlotZilla Zipline Ride

What's happen in Vegas?

Flying down Fremont Street Experience on the SlotZilla zipline is a thrill like no other. More than a million people have shared the adrenaline rush of riding the world’s ultimate zipline.

To help make the most of your SlotZilla flight, we’ve put together some useful tips. Strap in and get ready to fly!

1. Fly Early and Save

Fly SlotZilla before 6:00 p.m. and you’ll save a few bucks. SlotZilla is a great value to begin with, $25 for the lower Zipline and $45 for the upper (superhero-style) Zoomline. Fly before 6:00 p.m., though, and you’ll save $5. Get tickets.

2. Choose to Zip or Zoom

As mentioned, SlotZilla has two lines (see below). On the Zipline, guests fly seated, and the ride goes halfway down the Fremont Street Experience to the landing platform between the Four Queens and Fremont casinos. On the upper Zoomline, guests lie face down and fly superhero-style all the way down to the Golden Gate casino. Both lines provide a different experience, so splurge and fly on both!


There will be a quiz.

3. Fly for Speed

As with most ziplines, SlotZilla is gravity-based. You can affect how fast you fly, though, especially on the upper Zoomline. Arm position is important, as the more “drag” you create, the slower you’ll go. For maximum velocity, keep your arms to your side. When you fly on the Zoomline, get even more speed by pushing off rather than waiting for gravity do its thing.


This works, too. Arms out to your sides, not so much.

4. Zip and Zoom Smart, Save Time

Once you know you’d like to fly, it’s recommended you purchase tickets ahead of time, online. Tickets are also available in the SlotZilla ticket office at the base of the SlotZilla tower. Tickets are purchased based upon date and time. Flight times fill up quickly, so avoid disappointment and book ahead.

5. Picking Up Your Tickets

Once your tickets are purchased, get your official SlotZilla wristband in the box office. You can use the kiosk (for will call orders, you’ll need an order I.D.) or get your wristband from a cashier.

6. Understand Boarding Times

Boarding times are in 20 minute increments. Think of it as a 20-minute window of time. If you have a 1:00 p.m. boarding time, you can enter the ride any time between 1:00 p.m. and 1:20 p.m. It’s important to keep in mind boarding times aren’t flight times. Your boarding time is simply when your experience begins. Once you’ve purchased tickets, and have gotten your wristband, allow up to an hour from the time you “board” to the time you fly.


Don’t count on it.

7. Get Your Merch Before You Fly

Make sure to get your SlotZilla goodies before you take off. It will save you a trip all the way back to the take-off tower.

8. Stow Your Stuff

A handy accessory bag will be making the trip down Fremont Street Experience with you, so stow your freshly-purchased merchandise, glasses, cowboy hat, tiara, phone or purse in the bag.

SlotZilla newlyweds

Please put all veils in the accessory bag, thanks.

9. Find Discounts and Coupons

Several downtown casinos offer 25% off coupons for daytime SlotZilla flights. You can usually find these coupons at the casino’s players club desk. Also, take advantage of military and locals discounts. Active members of the military, as well as seniors 65 and older, get 20% off their flight.

10. Take Care With Your Underwear

No, really. You’re dangling over thousands of people looking up at you. Short skirts probably aren’t the best idea, and don’t inadvertently flash the masses by going commando.

Slotzilla skirts

Just keeping it real.

11. Smile for the Camera

Whether you zip or zoom, everyone gets their photo taken on SlotZilla. The key to a great photo, available for purchase at your landing platform, is to know when you’re being photographed (as your flight comes to an end) so you can look at the camera and smile. So, as you’re coming in for a landing, watch for the photographer snapping away on the landing platform. For the safety of those on the street, no personal photographic devices are allowed on SlotZilla. Selfies are welcome on the harness deck, of course. If video is more your speed, GoPro camera helmets are available for rental.

SlotZilla is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced, and it’s an unforgettable way to experience downtown Las Vegas.

You’ll soar above thousands of revelers, taking in the neon lights of Glitter Gulch and basking in the glow of the world’s largest video screen.

Learn more about the SlotZilla zipline in downtown Las Vegas, and get tickets here.

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