Know your Neighbor.

What's happen in Vegas?

Welcome to where all the excitement happening in Las Vegas local community.

Know your neighbor is a an online, bi-monthly newsletter bringing you the latest information in the community you live. Twice per month, we will select a person who has made or is making a difference in Las Vegas and surrounding areas. We welcome your feedback and tips on who should be our next headline. You can even submit yourself as we want to put you in the spotlight.

Whether you’re a babysitter, a fireman, a student, an athlete, everyone has a story. We want people to know who you are and how you are making a difference in your line of work or hobby as no job is too small or large. From the housewife to the outstanding student, we would like to share your story.

If you’re simply looking to advertise, you can do that too. One simple page bringing you what’s important in your neighborhood.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Maria Shinta