Easy Money Blackjack System – Discover The Winning Secret!

What's happen in Vegas?

A Better Blackjack Strategy That Requires Minimal Concentration & No Card Counting.

That’s right, because they know that most people can’t memorize cards or keep counts under pressure, and the few who can are blacklisted in no time. But why does the industry continue to promote it?

I was so frustrated as I couldn’t understand how all of the popular literature and so many websites were dedicated to the subject of card counting, but no one I knew could win consistently using these strategies.

I’ve seen other simpler blackjack systems that use basic strategy instead of counting. Why aren’t these strategies any better?

Most of these basic strategy progressive systems differ only in their money management technique, that is, how you vary your bets. They all rely on the same basic strategy chart and this is their first flaw.

There is no such thing as a single universal basic strategy chart for all blackjack games. Basic strategy (the best way to play a hand) in blackjack varies from game to game depending on the number of decks and the rule variations.

Studies show that about 80% of blackjack games are choppy. That is, the dealer and the player alternate winning and losing hands when using basic strategy (you know, the chart that tells you when to hit, stand, double-down, or split). By using correct basic strategy (statistically optimal moves) and playing in games with the most advantageous rules, you can turn the casino edge against you from 7 to 8 percent down to less than 1 percent.

Stop relying on hunches, luck, or complex counting and learn the revolutionary way to win like a pro. Do yourself a favor and realize your potential today.

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