By: Larry Berg

What's happen in Vegas?

The food at Lanai Express is good. But, the way they control the line is ridiculous. I’ve been there several times for the food. And, I have a couple of quality suggestions. They need a person pouring drinks, taking burger orders and generally helping out the main server. Right now, you can wait in line for a half hour, but they still won’t take your burger order until you reach the register! They could have it ready by the time you hit the register, if they’d just take the order at the other end where all the other food is ordered. Plus, they need one person dedicated to working the register, doing absolutely nothing else. Then, the line would move very fast. But for now, if you see any line at all, plan to calculate at least three to five minutes per person. It’s good food, but the processes are poorly managed.

Source: Las Vegas Experiences